Home Security: Back to the Future (No Monthly Subscription Required)

A Win For the Luddites (or, ARE They??) What if there was a home security system that had all of the following virtues: it was simple and easy-to-use; (very) cheap; crash-proof; hack-proof; and never needed a software patch, update, or monthly subscription? (see, “very cheap”). Fortunately, there is. Give up? It’s called, “a key” (or,...
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Realtors Who Keep Paper Records Are Luddites, Right? Wrong!

Let’s be honest:  there’s ultimately just one reason Realtors keep copies of their records once a transaction has closed. It’s not because they’re nostalgic, pack rats, or simply too busy to shred or toss old files. Realtors keep their notes and records – ideally, for six years — in case they’re sued. Then, all those contemporaneous notes and...
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“I Don’t Want to Learn One More New Thing!”

Excel 2003 — or Excel 2012? Maybe the “amen” I heard was just in my head, but I know that that’s what practically every other Realtor in the room was at least thinking when a colleague uttered the line above (at the weekly Exceptional Properties meeting). In fact, at least for some of us Realtors these...
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“Last Person on Earth Without One Capitulates, Buys iPhone” — Onion Headline, Circa 2027

Last Person on Earth Without One Buys iPhone Minneapolis Realtor Ross Kaplan, 67 years old, officially became the last person on earth to purchase an iPhone last Saturday. Leaving the Apple Store at Southdale, Kaplan said “my kids have been bugging me for decades to get one.  In fact, it was one of my grandkids who finally...
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