Internet Acronyms: “LOL,” “BFF” . . . “T/T”

Internet Shorthand for MM (“Middle-Aged Men”) What rule says only teenage girls (or boys) can coin Internet acronyms? See, “LOL”* (“laugh out loud”); “IMHO (“in my humble opinion”), etc. In fact, I’ve got two new, proposed acronyms: One.  “WIAS”:  for “Where Is, As Is” — business and Realtor-speak for, “don’t even think about raising inspection...
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“Umm . . . That Would Be a DIFFERENT LOL”

The Dangers of Being Culturally Out-of-Touch Overheard at the office water cooler the other day:  a not-quite-with-it Internet neophyte who was under the mistaken impression that “LOL” meant “Lots of Love.” It doesn’t mean that — it means, “Laugh out Loud.” So, they very inappropriately affixed “LOL” to all kinds of email replies. Such as:...
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