Good Luck Finding www.hocmn.org/2015/03/minnesota-foreclosure-activity/#sthash.vzZlhbFR.dpuf

“You Lost Me at #sthash.vzZLhbFR.dpuf” If you’re looking for information on Minnesota foreclosures, you’re in luck:  the Minnesota Homeownership Center has a Web page with lots of useful data and links. The hard part? Finding it. If you don’t want to attempt entering the (very long) URL, click on this link instead.
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"Hands Off My Content!"

Dear Visitor #65,431: What ‘Cha Up To?? It’s always nice to see healthy traffic on this blog; after two-plus years, “City Lakes Real Estate” now has a core group of regular readers, and gets several thousand page hits — from literally all the world — each month. In particular, it’s always nice to log on...
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