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“Lights Out!” By Cedar Lake (at least, for two hours today)

If you’re going to lose power, 5-7 p.m. on a beautiful Summer day isn’t a bad time to do it (minus the “making dinner” part). In my case, there was even a silver lining:  an extra 10-15 minutes in an otherwise tightly packed day. The explanation? No point running over to get lights for a...
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Target Field at Night: Leaving a Few — or A LOT — of Lights On

Hosting the Vikings – Packers Game.  Not. “We’ll leave the light on for you.” –Tagline, Motel 6 advertising campaign I’ve heard of people leaving a few lights on when they’re not home, just to give the impression that someone’s there. But, is there some reason now-empty Target Field is lit up like a Roman candle...
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"The Lights On – Lights Off" Indicator

Gauging Buyer, Seller Seriousness The eyes are the window to the soul. –New Testament Want to know if a home seller is serious about selling? They turn on all the lights before a showing. Want to know if the showing went well? The Buyer’s agent turns them all off afterwards (yes, they should anyways —...
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