lender fees

What Are Mortgage Rates? Get Your Calculator

Blend of Two Variables Answering the question, “what are prevailing mortgage rates?” seems simple enough. After all, the answer should be “5%,” “5.25%,” or something similar, depending on one’s credit scores, and the mortgage product in question (fixed, 5 yr ARM, 10 yr. ARM, etc.). In practice, it’s a little more difficult, because rates are...
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Fannie & Freddie "Add-On Fees"

“Airline Pricing” Spreads to Mortgages Both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac say they are tacking on extra fees to counter higher risks and losses associated with certain loan products, buyer equity stakes and credit scores . . . However, real estate agents, mortgage bankers and brokers are incensed at the new round of fee increases,...
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$3,000 ATM Fee?

Cheap Money Elusive for Many While rates are falling, borrowers face higher costs every step of the way, from rising fees for mortgage insurance to added costs that drive up the mortgage rate. At the same time, lenders have become more cautious about who they will lend to, as more people lose their jobs, watch...
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