Canadian Quirks: What’s the Opposite of “Tabling” Something? “Tabling” Something

Coming Soon?  Legal Cannabis in Canada At least to me, the standard definition of “tabling” something is this one: “to remove (something, such as a parliamentary motion) from consideration indefinitely.” So, what’s the opposite of that? At least in Canada (I visited Toronto earlier this Spring), it’s this: “to present formally for discussion or consideration...
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Customer (Dis)Service: “Thank You For Your Patience. Your Expected Wait Time is . . . Forever”

How to Get Out of “Customer Service Purgatory” Want less of something bad? Tax it. Or fine it. So, aggressive phone solicitations have been dramatically slashed by federal legislation establishing “Do Not Call Lists,” and fining transgressions. Of course, if you truly want zero of something . . . make it illegal (prostitution, meth, etc.)....
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