Larry Summers

Former Yale President Richard Levin’s $8.5 Million Smile

Not Biting the Hand That Feeds Them: Academe’s Deafening Silence on Runaway Pay “Yale President Richard Levin could have been in investment banking, he could have been in venture capital, he could have run a corporation. Obviously, if he’d gone into other fields, the compensation would be orders of magnitude greater.” –John Pepper, Yale compensation committee;...
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More Male Realtors in Today’s Real Estate Market?

Three Reasons (#3. “The Larry Summers Factor”) [Editor’s Note:  see “Changing Realtor Demographics” for more on this subject.] Scan the headlines, and it’s apparent that women are making steady inroads in corporate boardrooms, academe, and formerly “male” professions like law and accounting. So, where are more men showing up? In real estate. It’s only an anecdotal observation, but here...
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Summer Reading List

Recommendations: Stiglitz, Lewis, Grantham All right, so no one’s ever curled up with Joseph Stiglitz’s latest 10,000 word economic tome on a Summer beach blanket. And Floyd Norris’ missives don’t have quite the same tension and suspense of a thriller by Tom Clancy or John Grisham. However, if you can handle some summer-time intellectual stimulation...
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