it’s not my dog

Late Night Airport Runs, Teenage Drivers, and the “It’s Not My Dog” Defense

My 16 year-old son is only in 10th grade, but I’m pretty sure he’s (eventually) headed to law school. That’s based on the following exchange the other day, just before I got to back to town after a recent trip: Me: “Gabriel, my plane gets in at 11 p.m. tonight; can you pick me up?”...
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Goldman Sachs: ‘It’s Not My Dog’

Goldman Sachs: Preying on its Clients (& Taxpayers, too) [Note to Readers: No, this hasn’t become the “anti-Goldman Sachs rant” blog. It’s just that: a) the firm’s conduct is/was so outrageous; b) the economic harm it caused so far-reaching; and c) authorities’ response to the firm’s conduct so feeble (if you can call it that)....
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