inspection negotiation

Inspection Timetable Confusion

One of the trickier — yet crucial — set of deadlines in a housing transaction involves the Buyer’s Inspection Contingency. At least in Minnesota, it consists of the following three intervals:  1) how long the Buyer has to perform the inspection; 2) how long thereafter they have to deliver — in writing — any issues...
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Real Estate’s Ultimate Hot Potato

The Buyer’s Inspection on a Cancelled Deal One of the knottiest issues in real estate for awhile now is, “what does the listing agent do with the Buyer’s inspection on a deal that ultimately falls apart?” The question is problematic because — at least in Minnesota — home sellers and their agents have an independent duty to disclose any defects...
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The “What” — and “Who” — of Inspection Issues

“Work to be Done by a Licensed Contractor” Usually, inspection issues are all about “what”:  what is in disrepair; what documentation the Buyer has to substantiate any issues; and what the Buyer wants the Seller to do about it (fix it, or lower the selling price). But “who” can also be relevant — as in, “who...
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