inferior goods

The RE Biz & "Inferior Goods"

McDonald’s, iTunes — and Real Estate Signs In economics, the term “inferior goods” means anything that you consume more of as you have less money. Historically, foods like hamburger (vs. steak), potato’s, rice and the like qualified; today, that would be fast-food chains like McDonald’s, and all the Dollar store chains that appear to be...
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Surprise Recession Winner: Shoes (& Walking & Hiking)

Random Juxtaposition? Maggie Nesciur, 30, a waitress, walks up to 90 miles a week around New York’s neighborhoods. –“The Walker”; The New York Times (11/6/09) As the economy has inspired a back-to-basics mentality, with families dining and vacationing at home, people are focusing on free outdoor activities that require comfortable or rugged shoes. The cost-per-wear...
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