So, Who Pays For That Post-Closing Special Assessment — the Buyer or Seller?

Home Sale “Bones of Contention”** — and How to Avoid Them Sellers don’t want to pay special assessments that are payable after closing . . . because they’re not going to be the owner then. It makes sense for the Buyer to pay it, they reason, because it’s the Buyer who’s going to enjoy the...
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Home Sellers’ Four Biggest Psychological Stumbling Blocks

Ruing the “Buyer That Got Away” Sometimes, the biggest hurdle to selling a home isn’t the market, or the home’s condition, or bad marketing. It’s the would-be Seller’s mindset. Herewith are the four biggest obstacles that can trip up Sellers: One. What the owner paid (historical cost). Unfortunately for Sellers, Buyers don’t care about what...
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List Price + Updates > New = Overpriced

Real Estate Math I showed clients an upper bracket Edina home yesterday that’s been languishing on the market — at ever-lower prices — for 3(!) years. The reason(s) became apparent literally 10 steps in the door:  every square foot of the very large home needs updating (the online photos nicely camouflaged that). Given the home’s...
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When “Active” Doesn’t Really Mean “Active”: Displaying “Pending,” “Contingent on Inspection,” etc.

EdinaRealty.com, Now New & Improved One of the biggest frustrations for prospective home Buyers is finding a house for sale online that really . . . isn’t. That’s because the home already sold or, more commonly, is under contract but hasn’t yet closed. At the other extreme, there are also homes under contract that prospective Buyers...
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