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Pundits Who Completely Whiffed on Current Housing Market Confidently Forecast Next 6-8 Months

Opaque Crystal Balls No, the title of this post (above) isn’t the real headline of a recent article forecasting what’s next for the U.S. housing market — or a send-up by The Onion. This is the article’s actual title, from The New York Times (4/22/2021): U.S. Home Sales Are Surging. When Does the Music Stop?” So, when...
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Trust “The Experts?” Don’t.

The Wall Street Journal . . . or The Onion? Sometimes — OK, a lot of the time — I think The Wall Street Journal needs a meta-editor. Their job? To spot risible inconsistencies and contradictions between articles literally on the same page. Or, if you’re reading online, between articles barely centimeters apart. Are They...
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