December 29, 2010

Trust “The Experts?” Don’t.

The Wall Street Journal . . . or The Onion? Sometimes — OK, a lot of the time — I think The Wall Street Journal needs a meta-editor. Their job? To spot risible inconsistencies and contradictions between articles literally on the same page. Or, if you’re reading online, between articles barely centimeters apart. Are They...
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“The Edgewater” in Uptown

Minneapolis’ Most Discounted Condo? I’ve blogged previously about deeply discounted single family homes in the Twin Cities. A second-floor condo (#201) in The Edgewater (pictured above) may very well be the Twin Cities’ most discounted condo. Now at $749,823, the unit was originally listed for $1.981 million almost exactly three years ago. That’s a whopping...
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