hot market

“Do You Know Someone Moving to Denver? Refer Me, and Get a Bonus!”

“You Know a Housing Market’s Hot When . . .” I’ll occasionally get marketing pieces from agents active in Scottsdale, Florida, or other warm spots Minnesotans are known to congregate, especially in the (very) cold winter months. But, I don’t recall getting a pitch from someone based in Denver, soliciting referrals, like the one I got...
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What’s So Bad About a Flat Housing Market?

The Virtue(s) of a Slower, Quieter Housing Market Apparently, at least a few industry players are trying to spin what is expected to be modest price appreciation in 2015 into something . . . bigger. See, “Projecting 2015 Housing Prices Using Statistical Sleight of Hand.” I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to embellish...
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Realtor Freudian Slips

Raindrops & Price Reductions Notwithstanding the news headlines, not every home is selling in multiple offers the first day on the market. In fact, precisely because of those headlines, I’m seeing more Sellers insist on too-high initial asking prices. When a home isn’t selling — or even getting showings — standard operating procedure is to...
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“Days on Market?” Try, “HOURS on Market”

Hot New Listings on (& backing up to) Highwood Rd. in Lake Forest Neighborhood If the Twin Cities housing market gets any hotter — at least in some neighborhoods — the local Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”) is going to have to supplement its “Days on the Market” statistic with another one:  “Hours on the Market.” That’s...
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Showing a Home That’s Already Sold

Blast From the Past — Like, 2005 More signs that at least some segments of today’s housing market are overheating:  I am hearing about — and running into personally — “For Sale” homes  . . . that really aren’t.  That is, they sell almost immediately after coming on the market, but the listing agent neglects...
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“Seller’s Market” Side Effects: More Would-Be Realtor ‘Hogs’

Non-Listed Listed Homes One of the side effects of a seller’s market is more homeowners who believe that they can sell their home without a Realtor (called “For Sale by Owner,” or “FSBO”). Here’s another:  homes putatively listed by a Realtor, but nowhere to be found on MLS (Multiple Listing Service, the repository for all...
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