home valuation

“More Than This, Less Than That”

The Art of Doing Comp’s Want the science art of Comp’s (for “Comparable Sold Properties”) in a nutshell? It’s placing a given (“subject”) property on a continuum, between the home just below it in price, and the one immediately above. What could be simpler, right? “This and That” Ahhh, but which two homes are those...
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Scientifically Proven Home Valuation Formula

“Fair Market Value,” Defined I, along with thousands of other agents, have developed a scientifically proven, 100% reliable way of establishing a home’s value. Ready? Here’s how you’ll know any given home is priced at fair market value: It sells.* Defining “Fair Market Value” That may seem unduly glib (if not harsh). Unfortunately, for many...
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Reason for Tougher Negotations

“What’s That House Cost?” — Vol. #42 Want to buy 100 shares of Microsoft? If the last trade was for $25.43, it’s a good bet that you’ll have to pay . . . .$25.43 (or maybe $25.42 or $25.44). Want to buy a nicely updated, four Bedroom Colonial in East Edina? That’ll be . ....
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