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When the Cover-Up is Worse Than the Crime

Damage Control: Advice to Prospective Sellers As Watergate made plain, the cover-up is often worse than the crime (although in Richard Nixon’s case, ordering a burglary was plenty bad in its own right). The same principle applies to selling homes. Here are three examples where covering up a problem is worse than simply leaving it...
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Estimating Home Upkeep

“Lumpy” Home Repairs How much should you earmark for annual home upkeep? According to one LA-based Realtor: Homeowners should have 1% of the purchase price of their home in savings for improvements and surprise expenses. That is the absolute minimum. It’s better to have 2% to 3% socked away somewhere. –“Home Costs Keep Going Up“;...
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"As Is" Misconceptions

No Free Lunch Selling “As Is” is a popular choice for banks, estates and other third parties who don’t know the condition of a property (because they haven’t lived in it), and don’t want to be responsible for any repairs. Occasionally, however, “owner-occupant” sellers — especially ones with deferred maintenance — view selling “as is”...
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