home remodeling

Remodeling Trends

Tweaks, Not ‘Blowouts’ Nice piece in the WSJ last week about remodeling trends. Here’s a snippet: Smaller projects like updating kitchens and baths and humble attic-bedroom conversions are more popular, while two-story master suites and $100,000 kitchen blowouts are decidedly out of fashion. One of the most cost-effective improvements, say contractors, is removing a wall...
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Investing in New Windows

Return on Windows: Higher in Cold Climates Being a Realtor can have a warping effect on your sense of the calendar (it certainly warps your sense of weekends and weekdays). So, the season that’s approaching isn’t Fall, it’s “furnace tune-up’s” and “new windows.” For whatever reason, I’ve been fielding an inordinate number of questions about...
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Learning a New Home

Two “Do’s” and One “Don’t”You just closed on your new home, and can’t wait to put your “signature” on it. What do you do first? Smaller things, like paint and carpet — by all means. Other projects, like refinishing hardwood floors, are also best tackled before you move in, due to the smell, dust, and...
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Opening & Closing Doors

When one door closes, another door opens.–Alexander Graham Bell You’ve probably encountered the above quote, you just didn’t know it was a sliding door. I just saw a clever ad, in a home remodeling magazine, pitching sliding doors and room partitions as a way to make your existing space more functional. Of course, in a...
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