hiring criteria

“Agent a Capella”

Musical (and Realtor) Virtuosos Excepting some agents who are especially fond of tooting their own horns (sorry), Realtors don’t play musical instruments in the course of selling real estate. So, what do I mean by “Realtor a capella?” At least in the context of a listing presentation (a job interview for agents), I’m referring to the temptation...
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Needed: “Letter of Intent” for Residential Real Estate (“Listing Contract Lite?”)

Realtors’ “Free Sample” Problem College-bound high school athletes routinely sign them. So why not prospective home Buyers or Sellers? In fact, having something akin to a “letter of intent” in residential real estate could fill a genuine void. “All or Nothing” Now, the decision to hire a Realtor can feel like a leap of faith...
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How to Pick a Realtor — Criterion #17

Fringe Benefits of Working With a Realtor in it for the Long Haul I doubt it makes many prospective clients’ list of hiring criteria. But it should. I’m thinking about Realtor longevity — specifically, how much longer the Realtor expects to be in the business. Realtor Attrition Why does that matter? Because something like 90%...
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Is Picking the Cheapest Realtor a Good Idea?

Price vs. Value Undoubtedly, lots of home sellers who pose that question this Spring will answer “yes.” But if you then asked them if that’s how they chose their lawyer or CPA or family doctor . . . they’d look at you like you were crazy. Sophisticated consumers — of all professional services — know that...
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