Hippocratic oath

The Realtor Hippocratic Oath

“First, Do No Harm” What kind of aggressive, transaction-driven Realtor talks their client out of a price decrease? (any prideful homeowner can be talked into a price increase). Actually . . . a good one. I can think of at least two situations where a price drop would — as the medical profession might put...
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Can You Spot the Addition?

  “The Seamlessness Test,” or Housing’s Hippocratic Oath The best additions are invisible. That is, they blend in so well with the original home that you can’t tell where one starts and the other begins. At the other extreme, there are homes which look — and feel — like they’re actually two parts, stapled together....
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Remodeling Trends

Tweaks, Not ‘Blowouts’ Nice piece in the WSJ last week about remodeling trends. Here’s a snippet: Smaller projects like updating kitchens and baths and humble attic-bedroom conversions are more popular, while two-story master suites and $100,000 kitchen blowouts are decidedly out of fashion. One of the most cost-effective improvements, say contractors, is removing a wall...
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