Henry Paulson

“Lost in America,” Wall Street version: We’re the Schmucks

Refunds at the Casino, Courtesy of Taxpayers [Editor’s Note:  Gary Marshall, who passed away yesterday at the age of 81, was best-known for creating such mega-hits as “Mork and Mindy” and “Happy Days” (TV), and for directing films like “Pretty Woman” and “The Princess Diaries.”  But, my favorite Gary Marshall role was as a supporting...
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Hank Paulson, “Five Years Later”: I’m Not Buying It

Buy Boycott This Book So, five years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the 2008 financial crash, former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is peddling a new forward, “Five Years Later,” to his 2011 book “On the Brink.” Ironically, at 38 pages, Mr. Paulson’s forward is a whopping 35(!) pages longer than his original TARP...
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Wall Street Fox Plunders Henhouse, Blames Chickens

Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Redefines Chutzpah* (Again) “I believe that the root cause of every financial crisis, the root cause, is flawed government policies.”  — Henry Paulson –Andrew Ross Sorkin, “Five Years After TARP, Misgivings on Bonuses“; The New York Times (8/26/2013) Surprise, surprise, Henry Paulson exonerates himself and the banking industry generally for its role...
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John Paulson’s Billions

How the Billions Are Made Today John who? If you didn’t know, John Paulson (no relation to former Treasury Secretary and Goldman Sachs chief Henry Paulson), apparently is the guy who’s made the most money the last two years or so. In the world. After making $4 billion or so in 2007, Paulson made another...
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Immoral Hazard

Tasty Financial Nugget This is the best financial “nugget” I’ve come across discussing the current state-of-all-things financial the last few weeks. Enjoy (or not): The failure of a few companies is not evidence that capitalism has failed but evidence that it is working. Failure sends a message to other market participants that the practices that...
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