The “When I Was Your Age” Lecture . . . with a Twist

Right Message, Wrong Messenger “Pick you up from school?!?  When I was your age, nobody picked me up from school.  I had to take two city buses, wait in the cold for a transfer, and sit in traffic for an hour to get home from school.” –Overheard at the Kaplan kitchen table around 7:30 a.m....
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Out-of-Commission Kiosks, or, The Trouble With Ticket-Less

Airport eParking:  $14 a day, Infinite — or Free? Being a budget-conscious traveler, I elected to swipe my credit card at the airport parking ramp rather than take a paper ticket the other week. Fancy name for the above:  “eParking.” Savings per day:  $2. The catch? When I returned home three days later — near...
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“Ghost Highway”

Highway 100 Between 394 and 62 on Weekends Even with all the advance notice about pending construction, it’s still a bit eerie to see six or so miles of what’s ordinarily heavily trafficked Twin Cities freeway . . . completely empty. You know it’s a major hassle when the “Detour” signs direct drivers to Highway...
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Downtown Minneapolis Parking Meters: Flunking the “Cost-Benefit” Test

“Penny $2.50 Wise, Pound Foolish” To raise truly piddling amounts of revenue — I paid $2.50 to park for 90 minutes* or so the other week — downtown Minneapolis merchants are easily foregoing 3x or even 10x times that in sales revenue (my very conservative estimate). So, instead of navigating the maddening system of remote...
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