“The Dog That Didn’t Bark, Updated”; or, “Getting ‘Norfed” (Gronked? Borked? Grokked?)*

The Warning Detector That Didn’t Beep How do you know that a new technology is a “keeper?” When it’s conspicuous by its absence. Exhibit A:  the warning detector that beeps in my car — but not my wife’s — as the driver backs up. Which explains how, driving her car and backing into a parking...
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Low-Tech Lost & Found at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market

“Meetcha at Stall #356 in 30 Minutes” With nicer weather (and a long holiday weekend), the Minneapolis Farmer’s market is suddenly teeming with traffic. Which makes it easier for families to get separated. No-Tech Coordinates The simplest, quickest way I know to reunite everyone isn’t to use satellite coordinates (courtesy of cellphone GPS’s), north-south-east-west directions, or the...
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Friends, GPS’s, and Jumping Off Bridges

Led Astray By Still-Fallible Technology “If all your friends all jumped off a bridge . . . would you, too??” –Moms to their kids, circa 1970. “Never ask a question that you don’t already know the answer to.” –Advice to trial lawyers cross-examining witnesses. Once upon a time, Mothers countered foolish, me-too behavior in their...
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