May 28, 2017

Low-Tech Lost & Found at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market

“Meetcha at Stall #356 in 30 Minutes” With nicer weather (and a long holiday weekend), the Minneapolis Farmer’s market is suddenly teeming with traffic. Which makes it easier for families to get separated. No-Tech Coordinates The simplest, quickest way I know to reunite everyone isn’t to use satellite coordinates (courtesy of cellphone GPS’s), north-south-east-west directions, or the...
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What’s Going to Cool Off the Red-Hot Housing Market? I Know

Overpriced Homes — The Sequel?? One-one-thousand . . . two-one-thousand . . . three-one thousand. If you’re a Realtor attuned to this Spring’s torrid housing market, you can practically hear it coming. What, you ask? No, not rising interest rates. Contrary to everyone’s expectations (again), they’ve been drifting back down, not spiking higher. No, the...
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