Checking Out Buyers, Sellers, and — Yes — Their Agents

Better Than Google for Realtors “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.” Prospective clients check out Realtors on Google. So, it shouldn’t be a shock that agents now routinely Google prospective clients. Not to mention the Buyer or Seller on the other side of a deal — plus, perhaps more importantly, their...
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The Surprise About Earnings Surprises @ Google, Apple, Amazon, etc.

$50 Billion(!) Surges & Swoons — in One Stock! The big surprise about this quarter’s earnings surprises? They’re actually a surprise. And how do you know that? By the mammoth moves — both up and down — in the stocks of companies announcing those earnings immediately afterwards. If you’re not keeping score, here’s the roster...
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New Homeowner “To Do” List: Change Locks, Meet Neighbors, Reprogram “Nest” (Huh??)

Analog vs. Virtual Unlocked Doors Once upon a time, standard Realtor advice to new homeowners, post-closing, was to change the locks:  even if the Seller delivered all known keys to the Buyer, there was always the possibility of neighbors or friends possessing a “stray.” Now, thanks to smart homes — and specifically, Nest thermostats — there’s...
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Thought Standard Oil Was an Octopus? Check This Out

How Long Till It’s Just One, Big Company? You practically need a scorecard — or a spreadsheet — to track who’s gobbling up who in the fast-consolidating “online travel agent” industry. Courtesy of The New York Times (“The Consumer’s Quandary:  Book Online or Book Direct?”), here’s how the industry is configured (at least for now):...
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Too Close to the Highway??

Question #2:  Too Close . . . For Whom?? It’s not enough to just see a map showing a home VERY close to a highway to know how exposed the home is. You also need to need to know the nearby topography; landscaping; how the home is situated on the lot and how well-built/insulated it is; and such things as whether there...
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“Realtor Prayer” Revisited

“Top Ten” Most Popular “City Lakes” Posts — and #4 on Google! God, grant me the serenity to accept the listings I can sell; the courage to refuse the listings I cannot; and the wisdom to know the difference. —Ross Kaplan, “The Serenity Prayer — Realtor’s Version” Readers of this blog have their favorite posts,...
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