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City Lakes Blog “Greatest Hits”

“Golden (Not So) Oldies” As a service to newcomers to this blog (and to jump start hits on the redesigned site), herewith is a “Top Ten” list of previous City Lakes Real Estate posts. Do a keyword search on any of the post titles (below), and you’ll see it pop up in the top 5 hits (or...
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“Groupon for Realtors”

Does Selling Homes “Scale?” One of the interesting byproducts of posting on a hot company — which Groupon and its social media brethren certainly are right now — is the raft of related search engine queries that follow. So it is with “Groupon for Realtors.” Work your way through the Google “hits,” though (besides my posts, “Memo...
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Craig’s List Job Posting (Seriously)

“Dear New York Times Op-Ed Department . . .” Just in case any readers of this blog know anyone, I just posted the following on Craig’s List: I write a highly-regarded (but relatively lightly read) real estate blog, and am looking for someone who can help get my pieces/posts published on high traffic, national sites...
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In Gold We Trust

Do I hear $10,000 an ounce??There seems to be a “can you top that?” competition going on at the moment regarding gold prices. As gold has inexorably risen to about $1,200 an ounce today — up 15% just in the last month, and four-fold since 2000 — analysts have scrambled to raise their projected price...
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City Lakes "Hits"

“Top Ten” Google Hits . . . Worldwide! OK, so no one would confuse the traffic on this blog with The Drudge Report or The Huffington Post. Still, run a Google search on any of the following 56(!) key terms, and you’ll find the related City Lakes blog post ranked in the top 10 hits...
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