Frank Gehry

"That was nice. Now let’s see the other 599."

The Downside of Customization That’s what I can imagine some unlucky Manhattan rental broker hearing from their client as they show units at 8 Spruce Street (formerly known as “Beekman Tower,” Manhattan’s tallest residential building — and the subject of an August City Lakes post, “Frank Gehry and the Bilbao Effect”). How come? While the...
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Frank Gehry & "the Bilbao Effect"

The Beekman Tower Manhattan’s skyline is to architecture what a hothouse is to new, exotic flowers: an incubator for the latest trends and fashions. That’s not just because Manhattan is such a vanguard; it’s also because there’s just so much activity occurring, even in a recession. Getting re-acquainted with the City this week, the most...
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