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Falling in Love With a Home at First Sight

  When Lightning (the good kind) Strikes Does love at first sight happen in real estate? Absolutely. However, I’d say it occurs less than 10% of the time. When it does, though, you know it: like lightning striking, the Buyer ” or Buyers, if it’s a couple ” immediately have a changed look in their...
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Talking Home Sellers OUT of a Price Reduction (“Wait . . . What?!?”)

Thanksgiving Eve 2020 Wait a second ” when an otherwise well-prepped and marketed home isn’t selling, don’t listing agents try to get home sellers to reduce their price? And don’t most home sellers stubbornly resist, no matter how compelling the Realtor’s market data (or underwhelming Buyers’ interest)? Well . . . usually. But there are...
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What’s Between a First and Second Showing? Answer: “Showing 1.5”

What’s a “1.5 showing?” When one partner in a couple has seen the house and likes it, and gives their partner a green light to take a look. Rules & Exceptions As a general rule, Realtors acting as a Buyer’s agent prefer that both (all**) decision-makers be present at all showings. That’s not only more efficient,...
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The Many Advantages of Being a Realtor – (former)Attorney

“Ripeness”: Legalese for “First Things First” Even though it’s been decades since I practiced corporate law, I use the training practically daily. To pick just one example, I consciously apply the legal doctrine of “ripeness” to prioritize decision-making ” both mine and my client’s. In the legal world, “ripeness” means that courts will not consider...
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Bell Curves, Home Showings, and the Odds of Getting an Offer: Why Home Sellers Shouldn’t Get Too Excited About a 1st Showing

Law of Diminishing Returns Past Three or More Showings Want to handicap the odds of any given Buyer purchasing a home, especially at higher price points that fewer Buyers can reach? Think of a Bell Curve, with the peak corresponding to 2-3 showings (call it “2.5”); the left tail represents one showing, and the right...
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Want Prospective Home Buyers to Buy? Head to the Airport (Really!)

Proof That High Pressure Sales Tactics Don’t Work At least in my experience, the odds of a first showing leading to a consummated transaction are perhaps 1 in 10. The exception to that? If the Buyer’s agent is headed to the airport, or otherwise under acute time pressure. When that’s the case, I’d estimate that the...
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