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How History Between the Realtors — Good or Bad — Can Affect a Home Sale

The Opposite of “The Birthday Paradox” According to The Birthday Paradox, in a room of just 23 people, there’s a 50-50 chance of at least two people having the same birthday. In the world of residential real estate sales — at least in a bigger city — there seems to be something of an anti-Birthday...
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Parachutists — and Realtors — Who Go “Splat!!”

Failing to Get a Signed Buyer Rep(resentation) Agreement What do parachuting and Buyer Rep contracts have in common? I learned from my one time parachuting, over 30(!) years ago (I knew the experience would prove to be useful in later life), that parachute fatalities actually fall into two groups. Unceremoniously referred to as “bouncing,” the...
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Making — and Saving — Deals

Advantage:  Incumbent Realtor Want one more reason to hire the seasoned, local Realtor (vs., say, your high school buddy, or your first cousin’s best friend’s uncle?). Not only will they get you the best possible deal in today’s fast-paced housing market — but they may very well save it once it progresses to the critical...
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Advice to New Realtors

Targeting First-Time Buyers “Hit ’em where they ain’t.” –Hall of Fame Outfielder Willie Keeler’s advice to hitters “To establish a toehold in a market, target business that others aren’t focused on.” –Corollary, Ross Kaplan Sort of like Keeler, my advice to new Realtors is to go after clients — and business — that other Realtors...
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"Need an Open/Have an Open"

Fewer, More Seasoned Realtors It’s more anecdotal than scientific, but a useful insight into exactly how many Realtors are out there chasing business at any given moment is what I’ll call the “Need an Open/Have an Open” index (“open” as in “open house”). If you didn’t know, holding (Sunday) open houses is a time-tested way...
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