Is Running HUD Like Performing Brain Surgery? Let’s Hope So

Realtor-as-Brain Surgeon The best response I’ve seen to Ben Carson’s appointment as the head of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) is from a fellow Realtor: “I am a real estate professional and have just been appointed to head up the neurosurgery department for my regional hospital group.  I have never been to medical school, and...
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Picking an Actor (and Realtor): Wanting Someone “Who’s Done it Before”

When the Audition . . . is a Previous Gig If you’re not a “Breaking Bad” fan, the highlight(s) of last night’s episode (“Granite State”) were Bryan Cranston’s brilliant scenes with Robert Forster (also terrific in a supporting role as the father-in-law in “The Descendants”). Best scene of all:  where the two negotiate for Forster,...
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