Oops! Washington Post Says “Nearly 15 Million Homes Sold Nationwide in April, May and June”

Fake Housing News? More Like a Missing Decimal Point Nearly 15 million homes sold nationwide in April, May and June, according to new data released last week by the Commerce Department and National Association of Realtors.” –“2020 is the Summer of Booming Home Sales ” and Evictions”; The Washington Post (7/27/2020). Maybe it was due...
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Listing Agent: “Long listing period is due to former tenant’s unwillingness to allow showings”

So THAT’S Why It’s Been For Sale Forever (Maybe) As I tell clients, the “good stuff” on MLS is invariably buried in the “Agent Remarks” field — which consumers can’t see — rather than the “Public Remarks” field, which they can. Even so, I can’t previously recall a listing agent trying to defuse a VERY...
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Will This Home Be a Headache for the Buyer? “Maybe”

Can You Say, “Legal Mess?” Buyer is aware that property may be currently occupied & financing must be cash only. Seller may not be able to convey possession at the time of closing. Eviction proceedings may have begun. –Excerpt, MLS There’s one too many “may” and “maybe’s” in the foregoing MLS excerpt for my clients....
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