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Listing Agent Code for “Don’t Worry, We Have a Deal” (Even Though the Seller Hasn’t Signed Yet)

Good Faith Gesture:  “Sold, Subject to Inspection” As veteran Realtors (if not their clients) know all too well, it ain’t officially a deal until all parties have signed, and the Purchase Agreement and any Addenda have been delivered to the other party (actually, their agent). Lots of Buyers learn that painful truth each year when,...
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“Mega Multiples” and “Super Neighborhoods”: What’s Different About Multiple Offers in Today’s Housing Market

32(!) Offers for One House Rampant multiple offers were a staple of the 2005-2006 housing market, too. But back then, at least in my experience, once the listing agent had received 4-5 offers, other prospective Buyers tended to bow out rather than contribute to the feeding frenzy. Today, that no longer seems to be the...
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“Wet” vs. “Dry” — and It’s Got Nothing to Do With Basements, Shop-Vac’s, or Alcohol

Once upon a time in residential real estate, there was just one kind of sale:  between an ordinary Seller and a Buyer (usually represented by their Realtors). Then, after the Wall Street-engineered housing bust, every other deal (literally) involved either a bank owner (foreclosure), or an underwater homeowner who needed bank relief to sell (called...
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“I Don’t Want to Learn One More New Thing!”

Excel 2003 — or Excel 2012? Maybe the “amen” I heard was just in my head, but I know that that’s what practically every other Realtor in the room was at least thinking when a colleague uttered the line above (at the weekly Exceptional Properties meeting). In fact, at least for some of us Realtors these...
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What’s Holding Up Electronic Signatures?

Real Estate’s “Next Big Thing” — Really Electronic signatures are one of those developments that are supposed to be The Next Big Thing — every year for a decade running (see, “2012:  Year of the Electronic Signature“). Yet anecdotally, I’d say that less than 5% of Realtors have made the switch to date. So, what’s holding...
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2012: Year of the Electronic Signature

Want two, inescapable signs that electronic signatures have arrived? Sign #1:  The new, 2011 – 2012 standard Minnesota Purchase Agreement* now includes language stating that electronic signatures shall be acceptable for all residential real estate contracts and addenda (it’s buried in the fine print, just after the Integration Clause).   Sign #2:  The National Association of Realtors (“NAR”) is an...
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