electric service panel

List of MLS Photos: Front Exterior, Kitchen, Owner’s Suite, Electric Service Panel (Electric Service Panel?!?)

State-of-the-Art HVAC & Mechanicals.  Or Not. Even with a maximum of 24 photos allowed on MLS now, you typically don’t see pictures of electric service panels (above). That’s because people buy homes emotionally, and — let’s face it — electric service panels don’t inspire much emotion (at least for most people). The exception(s) to not...
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Inspecting Electric Service Panels

If a company is out of business, does that mean that all the products it ever made and sold — and may still be in use — were defective? Hardly. At this very moment, I can think of any number of local basements storing black-and-white TV’s made by RCA, Zenith and other defunct brands that...
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World’s Biggest Electric Service Panel, or . . .?

The 600(!) Amp Service Panel I’ve seen 100 Amp service panels — about the size of a bread box, recessed in a wall. I’ve also seen 200 Amp service panels, which look like stretched breadboxes. So I figured I must be looking at the mother of all service panels in the house I previewed earlier...
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