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History’s Shortest — and Scariest — Bear Market

Dow Drops Almost 11,000(!) Points in < 6 Weeks  If — If — the current stock market rally holds, the six weeks just transpired will qualify as history’s shortest — and most harrowing — bear market. Think, “bungee jump,” but with billions of people around the world partaking simultaneously. From its start on February 12,...
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“It’s 1:45 p.m. Do You Know What the Dow’s Doing? No? Good!!”

Plunge in Dow, Interest Rates Continue; Airline Stocks Hit [Note to Readers: The views expressed here are solely those of Ross Kaplan, and do not represent Edina Realty, Berkshire Hathaway (“Berkshire”), or any other entity referenced. Edina Realty is a subsidiary of Berkshire. If you want an upbeat take on the market . . ....
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WSJ: “Stock Rout Puts Nasdaq in Bear Market”

  Dow Jones Drops 414 Points to Close at 22,445 Say what you will about the housing market’s up’s and down’s. But, I don’t know anyone who bought a home in early October for $270,000, that’s suddenly worth only $225,000 scarcely 10 weeks later. Yet, that’s almost exactly what’s just happened in the stock market. Just subtract...
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From “Trump Bump” to “Trump Slump?”

Biz Headlines: “Dow Drops More Than 1,100 in Biggest One-Session Point Decline on Record” If President Trump sees fit to claim credit for the uptick in the economy and (especially) stock market since taking office, it stands to reason that he will take responsibility for any hiccup (or worse) in same. Yeah, right. My sentiment,...
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“Stocks Could Go Higher — Or, They Could Go Lower” (Thanks a Lot)

Stock Market Non-Predictions, Over-Predictions, and Other Tricks of the Trade “Predictions are hard, especially about the future.” –Yogi Berra Apparently, there are two ways to be beat a polygraph (lie detector) test:  1) be a truly “cool cucumber,” who is absolutely non-reactive to every conceivable question; or 2) wildly overreact to every question, so that...
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Today’s Stock Market

Did you know that General Mills’ stock went up more than $1 today? And yes, I’m aware that that’s not the news headline. If you’re like most people . . . probably better not to look.
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