How Many Days Has That House Been on the Market? It Depends on How You Count

“DOM” vs. “CDOM” vs. “PDOM” Unbeknownst to non-Realtors, there are not one but THREE different ways to count the number of days a given “For Sale” home has been the market. According to the Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”), they are: One. Days on Market (“DOM”):  the number of days the current listing has been on the...
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Broken Clocks and 2009(!) Listings

Now, THAT’S Patience Just as broken clocks are accurate twice a day, an overpriced home that sits on the market long enough is likely — eventually — to be overtaken by the next market “up cycle” and once again be well-priced. So, I’m aware of a handful of active listings scattered through the Twin Cities...
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