deficit spending

The Trickle-Down Case for Indulging Wall Street

Colbert Interview with Eliot Spitzer I’m not a Stephen Colbert regular, but I did catch his interview the other night with “disgraced former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer” (that’s now Spitzer’s official moniker, by the way). Colbert’s cut-to the chase question: even if Wall Street is full of inept crooks and greedheads, as most everyone...
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The Fed & Unintended Consequences

The Fed, Commodity Prices & Economic Recovery Twelve hundred miles (give or take) from Wall Street, me thinks that a not-so virtuous cycle has emerged regarding the government’s various and sundry efforts to nurse the economy back to health. The dynamic goes something like this: Step 1: the Federal Reserve and Treasury essentially borrow and/or...
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