November 9, 2009

Stock Market Today

Big Rally Hard to improve on this assessment by Jake Dollarhide, chief executive of Longbow Asset Management: When you have zero percent inflation, zero percent interest rates, zero percent money markets rates, and when you have metals and gold that have skyrocketed to astronomical levels, stocks look pretty good in comparison.” —The NY Times (11/9/09)...
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"Daylight Savings" Trick

Let the Sun Shine In Want to get the most out of Minnesota’s sparse winter sunlight? Take advantage of this week’s mild weather . . . and wash your windows. Especially if your neighbors have been doing lots of (dusty) remodeling over the summer, like ours have been, it’s easy to get used to windows...
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Real Estate Bargain Bin

Minnehaha Falls Deal Where: 45xx 47th South (just north of Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis) How much: list price: $224,800; tax assessed value: $379,500 What: 3 BR/2BA 1948 two-story with 2,150 FSF Who: listed by Almost Free Realty When: came on market 10/22/09 No matter how cheap the asking price, it’s not necessarily available at that...
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The Fed & Unintended Consequences

The Fed, Commodity Prices & Economic Recovery Twelve hundred miles (give or take) from Wall Street, me thinks that a not-so virtuous cycle has emerged regarding the government’s various and sundry efforts to nurse the economy back to health. The dynamic goes something like this: Step 1: the Federal Reserve and Treasury essentially borrow and/or...
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