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So, Exactly How Far Away is That Dining Room Bay Window REALLY?!?

Real Estate Photos & The “Bowling Alley” Effect Dining Room: 10′ x 12′ Living Room: 13′ x 23′ –MLS “Structure Information” That distant Dining Room bay window in the center of the photo above looks like it’s practically in a different zip code. How far away is it really? Add the 23′ length of the...
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The Far-Away Fireplace(?)

Looking at the photo below, you’d certainly think that this home’s lower level Family Room was positively cavernous. However, given that the room is only 24′ x 12′, that distant-looking Fireplace is at most . . . 24′ away — less if you assume that the photographer didn’t take the photo flush with the opposite wall. Adding...
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So, Exactly HOW BIG is That Living Room?

  Looking at the photo above, you’d think the far end of the Living Room was a country mile away. It’s not. According to MLS, the room is 22′ long.
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The Far-Away(?) Buffet

This photo caught my eye because the built-in Buffet looks positively miles away — and it’s in a home that has less than 1,400 finished square feet. So, how far away is it really? According to MLS, the Dining Room is 9′ wide, and Living Room is 13′ wide. Total: 22 feet, or somewhat less...
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