WSJ: “Stock Rout Puts Nasdaq in Bear Market”

  Dow Jones Drops 414 Points to Close at 22,445 Say what you will about the housing market’s up’s and down’s. But, I don’t know anyone who bought a home in early October for $270,000, that’s suddenly worth only $225,000 scarcely 10 weeks later. Yet, that’s almost exactly what’s just happened in the stock market. Just subtract...
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Stock Market Turmoil: What Comes Next?

Finding Out Who the Naked Swimmers Are “You don’t know who’s swimming naked until the tides goes out.”      —Warren Buffett. When stocks abruptly turn south, there are two kinds of Sellers:  those who want to sell, and those who need to sell. What would make a stock market speculator investor have to sell? I can...
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