Congrats to the Class of ’21

Getting Ready to Leave the Nest It’s not just human parents getting ready to bid goodbye to their youngsters — specifically, this year’s graduating high school seniors. So are Mama and Papa ducks. In the photo above, the male duck (“drake”) is at the lower left; the mother and her eight ducklings are in the...
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Post-Covid(??) Mask Confusion

“No Shoes Mask, No Service” So, exactly how confusing ARE mask-wearing rules now? Confusing enough that I literally needed a spreadsheet (above) to keep track of everything. At least by my count, there are no fewer than six different mask possibilities in Minneapolis right now. “Minnesota Nice” Running errands in Linden Hills today, the most...
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Proper (& Improper) Purposes of Realtor Previews

Why “Just Previewing” (Usually) Serves Sellers’ Interests A Realtor showing is when a Realtor takes a prospective Buyer through a “For Sale” home. No competing Sunday open house traffic, no busybody listing agent (representing the owner) present, and — perhaps most importantly — no owner around. The convention is to set up the showing online anywhere from a...
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“So, Exactly WHERE I Am Supposed to Stand?!?”

Covid (Shot) Confusion, or, “One Two & Done”** Thirteen months into a pandemic, most people know the drill by now: wear a mask, stand six feet apart, stay home if you’re experiencing symptoms. Which is fortunate, because anyone standing in line for a Covid-19 shot this morning looking down would have had no clue what...
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Sunny Weather, Vaccines(?) Bring Crowds to Lake

Friday, March 19 @ 5 p.m.: Quarantine Fatigue + Spring Fever + TGIF No, I couldn’t tell if all those drivers were wearing masks. No matter. The warm temps (low 50’s) and brisk (10 mph) wind make a mask-free walk around Lake Bde Maka Ska (nee “Calhoun”) a low risk/high reward activity. I just finished...
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Covid-19, Co-Actors, and Cigars

What Do You Call the Person Who Exposes You to Covid-19?  Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.” –Sigmund Freud. I literally don’t understand 90% of the scientific terms on the resumé of my 21 year-old, premed son. In the course of doing volunteer contact tracing for Santa Clara county (Bay Area), he’s had to...
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