Uh-Oh! Is There About to Be a Construction Zone in Front of Your Client’s “For Sale” Home?

Worst — and Best — Case Scenarios The worst possible explanation — and the one I immediately feared — was that the very long trailer full of PVC piping that suddenly appeared in front of my Southwest Minneapolis listing the other week meant that the city was about to undertake a protracted repair. So much...
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Highway 100 Construction Winners & Losers: the 2900 Block of Toledo in St. Louis Park

From Highway On-Ramp to Private Cul-de-Sac The Highway 100 construction “losers” (at least short-term)? Easy:  all the fuming drivers stuck in 100 traffic (especially south), not to mention the ones caught on clogged side roads like Cedar Lake Road, and now — with Highway 7 partially closed — nearby 36th Street in St. Louis Park. But, there are...
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Status of Highway 100 & Minnetonka Blvd. Exit (in Plain English)

Halfway There Here’s one way to report the status of the (partially) just opened Minnetonka Blvd. exit on Highway 100 in St. Louis Park: Open:  the northbound exit** and the northbound on-ramp; Still closed:  the southbound exit and the southbound on-ramp. If that’s too confusing — or you’re dyslexic, like me — try this instead:...
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“Umm, You May Want to Park in Back”

Strip Mining(?!?) on Sunset Blvd. You could be forgiven for drawing that conclusion, if the only thing you had to go on was the photo above. In fact, the 20′ foot deep (?) trench where Sunset Blvd used to be is part of an ongoing sewer upgrade project. Note the three workers in the trench...
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