choosing a realtor

"Calhoun Lake??" Is that by Isles Lake?

Neighborhood Expertise — and Lack Thereof Want a sure sign that a Realtor doesn’t sell much by the City Lakes? They refer to “Lake Calhoun” as “Calhoun Lake” in their marketing materials. Fish (er, Realtor) Out of Water It may be forgivable to confuse Forest Lake (the city 40 miles north of the Twin Cities)...
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Competing for Listings, or, "The Brother-in-Law Factor"

Blood is Thicker Than Water (in Real Estate, Too) I don’t imagine that, in medicine, a neurosurgeon who was being considered for a life-saving operation finds out that the patient chose another surgeon because . . . the patient’s wife and the other surgeon’s wife are best friends. But that kind of thing happens to...
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