Quick! Which House Costs More?

Silicon Valley vs. Twin Cities Housing Prices Yeah, Yeah, California has mountains, the ocean, and a (too-nice?**) sunny, mild climate. But, it’s also got a ton of people, earthquakes, sky-high gas prices, and even crazier housing prices — at least in the heart of Silicon Valley (note: I visited my college sophomore son there recently)....
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Debt Ceiling Debate & The Housing Market

Two Scenarios, One Result With the deadline to raise the federal debt ceiling looming, one of two outcomes appears likely: One.  “The band-aid” solution  (also known as “kicking the can down the road”). Under this scenario, Congress and President Obama reach some cosmetic, convoluted compromise that essentially buys (more) time. Two.  The two parties’ philosophical differences...
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Saving States & Countries vs. Investment Banks

Discretionary vs. Non-Discretionary Bailouts Watching the latest round of debt problems emerge — this time involving sovereign states like Greece — reminds me of my not-so-happy experience as a “newbie” landlord a few years ago (turned off by the experience, I quickly sold the property). Immediately after taking title, my (long-term, holdover) renter started presenting...
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