buying a listing

“Buying the Listing”: Exhibit A

Telling Sellers What They Want to Hear — At First While my track record landing listings is very good — it’s not perfect. The most common reason prospective Sellers choose another Realtor? The other Realtor took the listing at a higher, unrealistic price — a practice that Realtors call “buying the listing.” Exhibit A Last June,...
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Why I Don’t Price Other Realtors’ Listings

Real Estate’s “Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle” The observer influences the thing observed. –Heisenberg uncertainty principle It seems self-explanatory, but as a principle, I don’t price other Realtors’ listings. The issue usually comes up when I do a listing presentation — essentially, a job interview for Realtors. In the course of interviewing Realtors, homeowners (and prospective Sellers)...
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Is Your Agent Hoarding Listings?

Top Three Ways to Tell Is your agent hoarding listings? The practice — well known to Realtors, but not to clients or the general public — consists of accumulating listings not with the intention of selling them . . . but using them to troll for clients interested in buying other, more realistically-priced homes. It...
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