“Take it Outside”: the ORIGINAL Meaning

“It Depends on What the Definition of ‘It’ Is” “Take it outside,” if you’re a certain age (I am), invariably means there’s about to be a fight somewhere inside, and the proprietor of the establishment/bartender/host of the party wants nothing to do with it. Contrast that definition with the original, literal one:      Dad, grilling on...
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Peggy Noonan Sheds Crocodile Tears for the Democrats

“The Democratic Party was once a big brass band marching through the streets”loud, dissonant, there. “I’m not a member of any organized party,” Will Rogers famously said. “I’m a Democrat.” For generations Democrats repeated that line as a brag. They knew disorganized meant vital, creative, spontaneous, passionate”alive.” –Peggy Noonan, “Primary Preview:  The Brawl vs. The...
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