bad roof

Step #1: Replace Roof. Step #2: Put Home on Market

“Strike 1 3/4,” or, There’s Never Just One Cockroach When you pull up in front of a “For Sale” home with a visibly worn-out roof, what goes through Buyers’ — and Buyers’ agents’ — minds? Thoughts like: •“I wonder what other major, capital repairs are waiting for the next owner?” •“If the owner/seller couldn’t keep...
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“Top Ten” Signs That the Roof is Shot

“You May Need a New Roof if . . . “ Sometimes, it’s a close call whether a roof has any useful life remaining. Other times . . . it’s definitely not. If one or more of the following apply . . .  the roof in question is in the latter category (apologies to Jeff Foxworthy’s, “You Might...
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How Old is the Roof? Chronological Age vs. Condition

What’s That in Dog Years??* Some 60 year-olds act (and look) like they’re 45; others, like they’re 75. The same is true, kind of, for roofs. While a typical roof lasts 20-25 years, there are plenty of exceptions to that rule — at both extremes. Of course, it’s the roofs that wear out prematurely that concern...
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"Ready! Fire! Aim!"

Biting the Bullet BEFORE Listing It’s certainly possible to put a home on the market — like the one I showed clients this weekend — with a roof that’s clearly past its useful life. But I wouldn’t recommend it. There are two reasons why: One. The cost of the new roof is guaranteed to come...
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