bad marketing

Relief Pitchers in Baseball — and Real Estate

Alternatives to Dropping the Price When a Home Doesn’t Sell Unfortunately for owners of “For Sale” homes that . . . aren’t (selling), the explanation is seldom just mediocre marketing. If that were the case, the solution would be simple:  great marketing (supplied by a new and presumably better Realtor). Instead, at least in my experience,...
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Marketing Miscues: Too Much Information

Quick!  What Are These Companies Selling? Can YOU tell by looking at these two vans (photos above and left) what service(s) the business is selling? Me neither. Just one more illustration that — when it comes to conveying a marketing message — less is definitely more. See also, “Too Much Information” — Realtor Version“; and...
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The Table That Ate the Dining Room

The Dining Room’s measurements aren’t listed on MLS, but judging from the fact that there are only 3 chairs on either side of the table (above), you’d guess that there’s less to it than meets the eye. If the table has a leaf than can be removed, I’d certainly recommend doing that. If not, I’d...
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Failing to Sell in a Seller’s Market

Diagnosis:  Bad Marketing or Bad Price (Pick One) Even in a Seller’s market (psst! we’re officially in one), not every home sells. When that’s the case, what is going on? In my experience, one of two things: If the home isn’t getting showings, the problem is marketing. The property photos are a turn-off (assuming there...
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FSBO Mistake #37

Commission Saved:  $8,000 Hit to Sales Price:  $20,000 In FSBO Mistake #4, I chronicled the case of the hapless For Sale By Owner (“FSBO”) in Golden Valley who wasted their first — and best — month of market exposure incorrectly classified as a “Foreclosure” on MLS. Hit to their bottom line? I’d estimate 3% to 5%....
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Did They Really "Give it Away?"

How to Tell if it’s a “Fire Sale” Realtors hear it all the time (often from neighbors or prospective Sellers protesting about the value of their home): “Oh, they gave it away.” “The Smith house? That was a fire sale.” “They sold for way too little.” How to Tell Whenever I hear the foregoing, I...
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