Bell Curves, Home Showings, and the Odds of Getting an Offer: Why Home Sellers Shouldn’t Get Too Excited About a 1st Showing

Law of Diminishing Returns Past Three or More Showings Want to handicap the odds of any given Buyer purchasing a home? Think of a Bell Curve, with the peak corresponding to 2-3 showings (call it “2.5”); the left tail 1 showing, and the right tail four or more showings. In other words . . . the...
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Picking a Home, Picking a President

Too Many Showings? Far be it from me to tell anyone who to vote for. But, let me suggest borrowing a criterion from the world of residential real estate to pick the next President (or major party nominee). Letting Buyers Off the Hook When I work with Buyers who remain lukewarm about a home even...
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