Alex Stenback

Tweaks to City Lakes Blog Roll

New Links: ‘Behind the Mortgage,’ ‘St. Paul Real Estate’ For the uninitiated, a “Blog Roll” is where each blogger can add links to other Blogs or Web sites that they’re fans of. In my own case, it’s: a) based purely on who I regularly read personally (vs. quid pro quo’s or commercial considerations); and b)...
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Stuck Rates

Mortgage Rates: Stuck at 5% Local lender and blogger Alex Stenback has a nice post from yesterday, “Lower Mortgage Rates Stymied By Supply,” that explains what’s happening with mortgage rates right now — and why.
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"Bruised" Apples-to-Oranges

Lender-Mediated Sales Swallow the Market[Note: the following dialogue, between local mortgage broker Alex Stenback and me, encapsulates a much bigger debate going on within real estate right now: how much do foreclosures and short sales “pull down” traditional sales?] “When “lender mediations” are 60% of the market, it’s getting tougher to say “just ignore that...
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