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“Insider Real Estate Secrets” (& Other Chicago Dispatches)

Garbage In, Garbage Out Never mind that the literature box (below) was located in front of a Chicago coffee shop, not in the Twin Cities (I visited relatives there the other weekend). The crumpled-up newspapers stuffed into it suggest that those “secrets” may not have exactly been gems. “The Tailgate Test” If you want to see...
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Getting to Showings on Time

Driving Maneuvers One of my favorite jokes is about the pair of hikers who are surprised by a Grizzly. Hiker #1 believes, mistakenly, that he needs to outrun the Grizzly. Hiker #2 understands that the true task is to outrun his companion. Running Late So, too, in real estate, novice agents believe — mistakenly — that the object...
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