agent duty to disclose

Who Has a Duty to Disclose What They Know?

      Listing      Seller   Agent       Seller Disclosure    Yes    Yes Seller-provided Inspection    Yes    Yes       Seller’s Disclosure Alternatives     No    Yes (Waiver)       “Things should be made as simple as possible — but not simpler.” –Einstein You know something’s complicated when it...
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The TOO Clean Seller’s Disclosure

Just as Concerning as Too Messy The only thing worse than biting into an apple with a worm is  . . . biting into an apple with half a worm! –Saying Is there really such a thing as a too-clean Seller’s Home Disclosure (required in Minnesota and many other states)? Absolutely. Even the best-built homes...
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Real Estate’s Ultimate Hot Potato

The Buyer’s Inspection on a Cancelled Deal One of the knottiest issues in real estate for awhile now is, “what does the listing agent do with the Buyer’s inspection on a deal that ultimately falls apart?” The question is problematic because — at least in Minnesota — home sellers and their agents have an independent duty to disclose any defects...
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